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International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

ISD website (to be updated this year!)
ISD weblogs (click isd weblogs link to find best examples)

Grade 11 ITGS students

Salvi (Trey's partner on How the WWW has changed the world) breaks his leg! We think that Salvi was so excited to be finished his Flat Classroom wiki page that he jumped off a wall, but unfortunately he broke his leg in two places and will be in plaster for a number of weeks. Just as the holiday is starting!

Our Saturday Workshop: The pizza finally arrived! Read what everyone was thinking.

Gr11_1 Gr11_2 Sourov_Atif_sm

Students from ISD watch The World is Flat' , Sunday November 26 (yes, we are at school on Sunday's. Being a Muslim country this is the first day of the week for us!)

International Day at ISD 2006

Int6 Bangladesh Kiwis
Int7 Int1

Scenes from Dhaka

Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia USA

Quail Hunting
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