Extra Multimedia about Virtual Communication


This page is for you readers to have a better chance at understanding Voice Communication, as well as to check out the full-length interviews that we made, but were not able to include in our videos. Enjoy!


Disney and Microsoft Collaborate to Launch Windows Live Messenger

I don't know if this is true, but it is an interesting concept and would not be a bad idea for the use of instant messaging. This is a fun and very interesting video to watch. Who doesn't like the Pirates of the Caribbean?

Future of Windows Live Messenger

This is another funny video about Windows Live Messenger. Instead of depicting its future, it depicts a great way to portray a possible future for people if Instant Messaging were not available.


Using Skype in the Classroom

This video is a great example of how Skype can be used in the classroom and what its benefits are in terms of education. The video was made by Mrs. Davis of Westwood Schools. You can find more information on her blog.

An example of a VoIP phone selling company and VoIP benefits

This video was found on one of the ISD grade 11 ITGS students wikis on VOIP and is a great sources for understanding how VOIP phones work and what their benefits are, both for personal uses and businesses.

Jason explaining and discussing Skype

Jason from YouTube explores the capabilities and services of Skype.

A preview of Mac Os X 10.5 Leopard iChat

This video is a great example of instant messaging and how it works. iChat is not a freeware (like MSN messenger), but it has the same purposes and accessories. This is one of the best means of virtual communication.

Harvard School Computer Science

This video is of a teacher of computer science in Harvard School, who discusses the Internet and podcasting, another type of virtual communication. Podcasting can be done using Skype by skypecasting.


Students at ISD

Cannelle interviewed students at her school, ISD, in Dhaka, about VOIP and Skype in relation to education.

Mrs. Vicki Davis

Interview of Mrs. Davis, teacher at Westwood Schools, discussing virtual communication and its impact on education.

Mr. Kip Davis

Kip Davis, an engineer for Timken (an international bearings manufacturer), discusses the impact of virtual communication on his global company.

Mr. Harris Morgan

Mr. Harris Morgan explains the video conferencing center in McRee Hall.

Mr. Alain Cuvelier

Mr. Alain Cuvelier imparts his thoughts on using virtual communication in Dhaka.

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