Flat Classroom Awards

Posted Tuesday January 16, 2006
Read about the Flat Classroom Project Judges for 2006

Judges Awards

Grand Prize - Best Overall Wiki Project
This is the best wiki of the entire project. It includes effective wiki pages and effective, meaningful content.

1st Runner Up - Best Overall Wiki Project (It's a tie!)
* Group 6 Globalization and Outsourcing (Salma and Katie)

Online Learning Award: for best practice use of collaboration tools and high levels of interaction throughout the project

Best Standalone Videos (Judges Choice)
  • Darren Kuropatwa, award winning math educator who uses blogs to teach, Canada - Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Video by Andrew S and Virtual Communications by Casey
  • Terry Freedman, leading educational technology consultant, England - Introductory Video, Virtual Communications - Cannelle & Casey
  • Jo McLeay, leading English teacher who uses blogs, Australia - Casey's video in Group 10
  • Jeff Utecht - leading technology education teacher, Shanghai American School - No recommendation as Google and YouTube videos are blocked in China.

Teacher Issued Awards

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Lindsay