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Work flow is the movement of documents and/or tasks through a work process Most people as we say in the south, "should not put all of their eggs in one basket." This means that businesses should not rely on one supplier to run the whole company. When an industry has people in the U. S. work from Eight to Five a person from another country can pick up where they left off working on the same subject. Since time zones are different this is possible to do.

Business’s do this because if a major tsunami or earthquake happened in Asia or the U. S. the company would not completely shut down because their would be other employees in different countries to carry on the job.

This method of managing this process is by using Work Flow Software. In any business that is trying to stay as a tier one company uses this methid of getting work done all around the world. Work Flow Software keeps a business reliable so people can depend on the business and therefore the business will make more money and have more customers. It helps work flow around the world.

In 1996 a more matured system and term for the interoperability of software and platforms evolved called Workflow. In the early days work used to be passed from one to another user and application for more processing. However, by doing that it took a long time for work to be fully processed.

Those days have passed and new life has begun. Now, the system so called Workflow is more efficient. The work is fully processed in itself that is automated. It helps the educational side and industrial side for collaboration and more efficient work.

We are talking about the new generation of communication and to enhance the ability to work even better. Computer supported collaboration e.g. voice mail, chat, email etc. It grew from individual work to being able to do cooperative work and collaborate with global societies. This system supports peoples work, activities and working relationships. As the technology has increased more and more people are now involved in activities and therefore the researchers have called this a Computer Supported Cooperative World “all contexts in which technology is used to mediate human activities such as communication, coordination, cooperation, competition, entertainment, games, art, and music" (from CSCW 2004).”

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Work flow software influences Industry by giving a company multiple sources of employee's. A company with work flow software does not have to rely on one set of employee's from one country instead they can use employee's all over the world because of the time zones. In Dhaka, Bangladesh it would be 12:43AM, but in Camilla Georgia it is 12:44PM. If a major tragedy happened in the United States the companies with work flow software could rely on their employee's in other time zones to keep the company making and producing product.


Adnan's Video, International School Dhaka

Please take your time to view the video. This video gives insight information about Workflow software used in EDUCATION. There are two interviewers that I have interviewed. One is Atif Sattar who is a student from International School Dhaka and he talks about the uses of Macs & Windows in school. The other interviewers is Mrs. Vicki who is a teacher from Westwood Schools and she talks about what software to use and how work can be done more efficiently so that more collaboration can happen.

Work flow software doesnt only involve only technology by itself. It mainly involves human contact for further prrocessing. The technology is there to offer a varety of options to work in a organizaion.

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In our school we use TCP/IP network system, which happens to be working in both Macs and Windows. This system was successful because it helped to give the flow of work that everyone needs like file transfer, electronic mail, and remote login across a very larger number of server systems.

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Web 2.0 is very useful workflow software that is used as a social networking sites, communication tools and folksonomy that helps for online collaboration and sharing among users. This application essentially function in several operating systems, offering features and applications similar to PC environment. This application provides with distinguishing characteristic so that it has the ability to run with any modern browsers.

Windows Compatibility Features Built Into Macintosh

external image SGE.DEP36.300805200518.photo00.quicklook.default-217x217.jpg external image windows_logo.jpg external image equals.jpg

Now you can see that more people are buying Macs. Do you want to know the reason? See the above picture, it gives a clue. Now, try to guess!

Ok, Apple new technology called Mac OS X gives the opportunity to install and run the Windows XP OS on your Mac. How cool is that? Mac OS has the Windows compatibility features for working with disks, files, and networks. The main purpose of this to satisfy people who are willing to work efficiently and more collaboration could be done. This gives the opportunity to share any files from both Mac OS. There are many workflow software to go with it, e.g. are iLife, Visio

Mac OS also allows for personal Web Sharing. It enables any computer with a web browers to access mac files and folders.

In a dual core processor each core handles incoming data strings simultaneously to improve efficiency. Just as two heads are better than one, so are two hands. Now when one is executing the other can be accessing the system bus or executing its own code.

To utilize a dual core processor, the operating system must be able to recognize multi-threading and the software must have simultaneous multi-threading technology (SMT) written into its code. Adobe Photoshop is an example of SMT-aware software.

A dual core processor is different from a multi-processor system. In the latter there are two separate CPUs with their own resources. In the former, resources are shared and the cores reside on the same chip. A multi-processor system is faster than a system with a dual core processor, while a dual core system is faster than a single-core system, all else being equal.

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