The Changing Shape Of Information: Uploading


What is uploading?

Uploading is simply the process of copying a file from your computer to another computer by means of a network connection. You upload files from your computer to a Web server when you want your web site to be available to anyone connected to the Internet. Uploading files is generally done with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) utility. This wiki is dedicated to three forms of uploading: community developed software or the open source software, blogging and Web 2.0 tools or wikipedia.

What is an open source software?

Open source software is a type of software where the source code is open and can be edited by the user. One example would be Linux. Talking about open source software I would also like to share this my wiki page on open source software.
Blogging is simply the chronological publication of one's personal thoughts and weblinks. Some common social networking sites where blogging is done are elgg, blogger, myspace etc.

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The official logo for Linux

What are web 2.0 tools?

Web 2.0 tools are a new generation of the Internet based services such as social networking sites, wikis etc.They emphasize online collaboration and sharing among uesrs. Wikis are programs that allow users to develop a page online which can be editted by anyone over the network. Some common examples would be wikipedia, wikispaces, pbwiki and many more.

The most common and popular form of uploading is simply by blogging. All over the world there are millions of bloggers and great new social networking sites. Even in this part of the world blogging has changed the way many of us live. For example, according to "Blogging India: A Windows Live Report", 14 percent of Indian online users are active bloggers. If number of active Internet users in India is 25 million, then as per this report, the number of active bloggers in India ought to be 3.5 million ( source). Even today ninety-four-year-old Allan Lööf, of Norrkoping, Sweden, is still blogging today and decides to write an autobiography using his blog.(source)
The most modern form of blogging has started all from the early 90s and it took the idea from personal diary written by individuals. The word blogger is also taken from the word journalists, diarists and even a few called themselves escribitionists. The term 'weblog' was first termed by John Barger on December 17 1997 and it was later brought down to 'blog' by Peter Merholz who joingly broke the term 'weblog' into 'we blog' and this was quickly adoted as a noun and verb. The first site to go up was Xanga which was released in 1996 and eventually blogging got popular from 1999.

Open source software has opened a new era in the IT world. Since the source code is available for every one changes can be made to the source code to suit the user's purpose. This is what makes it really great to use. It all started in 1998 when a group of individuals decided to replace the term free software with open source software. software developers were also keen to publish their software with an open source license so that the software is easily understood by everyone and can also be further developed by others. Open-source software generally allows anybody to make a new version of the software, port it to new operating systems and processor architectures, share it with others or market it. The aim of open source is to let the product be more understandable, modifiable, reliable or simply accessible, while it is still marketable.

The term web 2.0 was first termed by O'Reilly Media in 2004. It mainly focusses on the online collaboration and sharing among others. O'Reilly Media, in collaboration with MediaLive International, used the phrase as a title for a series of conferences and since 2004 it has become a popular buzzword among technical and marketing communities.

What are personal learning environments?

Personal Learning Environments are basically like setting learning goals. The person learning decides how and what he will learn. The learner manages the content and the process of what the want to learn. The learner is also able to communicate with others while they are in the process of learning.

What is social networking?

Social Networking is a social structure made of nodes which can be individuals or organizations, indicating the way they are connected through the internet and computers
Social Networks are examples ofWeb 2.0 tools


Current News

Open source in India

Open source software has had great impact in this part of the world since the last few years . For example it has been going large in places like India. In an article it says that in the southern parts of India almost all of the school are now using Linux and some of the kids even have no idea of what Microsoft is.(source) Not only in India even in some parts of Europe this has been going on. One such place is France. The French parliament has said that by June 2007 it would have completely changed all its system to open source software as it would bring down the costs greatly. The parliament would use a Linux server, Mozilla Firefox web browser and Open-Office, a free open source alternative build to compete Microsoft Office. (Source)

Blogging helps grieving wife

Social networking sites are a great way of expressing one's grief, sorrow and melancholy of mind. Recently blogging has increased greatly and most Americans are using the social networking sites to express either feelings or just as an online diary to keep a record of their daily life. Claudette Glenn has lost her husband, Jeff, due to pancreatic cancer. At times during the day she realizes that she is a widow. Her blog helps her with her grieving even though she has friends and family to talk with. . She talks about her life, her two children and also posts verses from the Bible and also from her husband's prayer journal.(source)
In the United States about 8%(12 million) people use blogs and almost all of them are young teenage bloggers.(source)

Claudette Glenn working on her blog.
Image sourceflatclassroomproject » The Changing Shape of Information

The video is on open source software and how it has influenced information technology sector (IT). The video is from the World Summit on Information Society 2005 November.(WSIS) The video says thar for years Microsoft has dominated the world of computing, but its software is beyond the reach of many in the developing nations. This 2-part series investigates that the poorest countries are now changing tack and using Free/Open Source software.

Impact on Education

Sabbab's Video, International School Dhaka

Uploading has changed the way we do our work over the Internet." We are no longer consumers but producers as well", as Thomas Freidman said. Indeed he is right and it has only been possible due to uploading. This is something that is changing the whole way of our thinking, understanding and most importantly our access to information. Being a consumer and a producer is thus changing the shape of our information.

When it comes to education,the very first thing that has influenced education is mainly through wikis. Owing to the fact that wikis are easily editted, teachers can have there own wikis created for their students where they can actually put up the tasks. Although this is a totaly new concept it is already implemented in many schools. Even at the International School of Dhaka wikispaces is at use for the ITGS and French class and the best part of all is the fact that students can submit their work just throught the wikis("consumer and prodeucer") This is also environment friendly as no handouts are now needed for the tasks given to students. Besides wikispaces, the wikipedia is also a great resource of information and mostly importantly students can add more information on the wikipedia. The wikipedia is just like an online edittable encyclopedia that is full of information and resources. Everyday it is editted by millions where a lot of unknown facts are put on. Although this sounds fabulous but the concept does have some draw backs. The only draw back is that it gets easy for pranksters to write things which might be really confusing for many. For example if a person has no idea of who hackers are and just look up a wiki for a preliminary idea, pranksters can easily fool them by saying that hackers are good people who are no bad then saints. Well this is somethig misguiding for someone who has no idea of what hacking is or who a hacker is. But we need not worry as this problem can be resolved by just restricting the unwanted user and simply by locking the wiki from the editting mode.

The very next thing that comes is blogging. Although we did know what blogging was a few years back but it was seen just as a site where teens go to meet new people online. Many parents and even teachers thought it was a waste of time with blogging and it had no good impact on education. But things have changed and now more people encourage blogging as it enhances learning. Not only does blogging keep a track of one's personal journal entries but also helps them to establish communication with others so as to share information, knowledge and resources. At ISD students use elgg for social netwroking and also for their ITGS and Theory of Knowledge classes. This is how information is accessed and shared among students at ISD. Besides elgg some also use hi5, myspaces, blogger etc.

This presentation was taken from Youtube and it is good contrast of how education was in the early days and how the use of wikis, open source and other technologies has changed education.

Impact on Employment

Sanjida's video, International School Dhaka

Jordan & Kristy - USA

Social Networks for Businesses

Some people are using Social Setworking to boost their careers by using search engines such as Monster and other job search engines. Social Networking can also help business owners interact with people from countries all over the world. They can talk to them and ask them what they would do and how they would do certain things.

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Ecademy is a Social Network for businesses that allows business personells to communicate with eachother even if they are in different businesses or in different parts of the world.
Ecademy's purpose is to:
  • Gain trust from professionals in different businesses
  • Encourage others and share important information
  • Look for potential job clients and job openings
  • Participate in events focused on Social Networking
  • Communicate and interact with people from around the globe

This video was made by the founder of Ecademy and explains in detail of how Ecademy helps businesses. It also features users of Ecademy explaining how they use Ecademy and how helpful it is in the business area.

Blogging in the business area

Blogging has cost bloggers thier jobs because they talk about confidentional information about thier work place. Job seekers have written that they lie in interviews and that has kept them from getting new jobs. However, blogging can also be very useful in the work place. Blogs help businesses communicate with their customers. They give you a simple and direct way to connect with important people in and outside of a business. Blogs are also ways to learn about other businesses around the world and find out new ideas that could improve your business.
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The site for ryze is RYZE provides its users with communications tools, forums, events and other services. These features, and any new features adopted by RYZE, (collectively, the "Service") are subject to the TOS. You understand and agree that the RYZE services are provided "AS-IS" and that RYZE does not assume any responsibility for the content of any of these communications, or for the deletion or failure to display or store any user communications.
NO PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF THIRTEEN ARE PERMITTED TO USE RYZE. is a free social networking website designed to link business professionals. The site claims to have over 450,000 members in 200 countries, with over 1000 external organizations hosting sub-networks on the site. Both paid and unpaid membership levels are offered. Founded in late 2001 by Adrian Scottin San Francisco, it was the first of the new generation of social networking services, and was a heavy influence on Friendster, which was founded by early Ryze member Jonathan Abrams in 2002. The site has received a large number of positive media mentions in publications including, Newsday, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, USA Today and others. References are:
Social networking services can be a powerful professional ally t businesses in particular, independent entrepreneurs and smaller companies, for whom each new personal connection is a significant business building block. LinkedIn and Zero Degrees are two of the more popular services that facilitate business-oriented connections, and some argue these and similar sites are now doing a better job of connectivity than ever before. Technology is helpful for building business. Sales people know how to work their black books to make sales, and rolodexes can be businessperson’s best asset. Networking technologies gives companies a new set of tools for recruiting and customer service. Different companies considering building online communities for advertising, branding, or marketing will need to cede some degree of control over content. These services are becoming popular as business networking tools, because the price is right, most are free. The profit side of the business is very active in the art and culture world particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes when people come across the profile on one of these networks, it reminds them that there is also a business side to the organization. As a result some new Web hosting order forms comes in that list in Tribe as source of referral.
Hoovers is known as the business intelligence service, and social software maker visible path are bout to launch a new business-networking site called Hoovers Connect. Enterprise Web 2.0 is a micro-publication about management leadership and people issues raised by the next generation of web technologies. It is aimed more at technology savvy business mangers than professional technologies.

Business Blogs
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Marqui is a blogging website that is used by businesses to help manage Web content, marketing camaigns, E-mail campaigns, and business blogging.
Video. This video tells you exactly how to set up a Marqui account, explaining step by step how to create your own account and get started using Marqui and it's uses.

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