Connecting the World Online

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Connecting the World On-line

The invention of the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) were the first major steps to connecting the world on-line. The net is a network of hardware and connects hardware to hardware in a sense it is a literal world wide web. The Web on the other hand, links documents and data files to each other by the use of web pages and web sites. This allows anyone to access these files form any computer that has an internet connection. Today when you log onto the internet you are accessing the World Wide Web and all of the information that is linked within it.The first website ever posted on the web was and it explained how the World Wide Web works.

But when these two inventions first came out, there was no way to connect the mass population to the internet. This was a major obstacle that had to be cleared if either were to survive. People needed a way to access the internet that was both easy and affordable. So now we have many different methods of access; dial-up, DSL, cable, and even wireless mobile connections. All have allowed people easy and affordable connect to the internet.

In the US all of the afore mentioned connection methods are available. Dial-up was one of the first connections methods and while cheaper is by far the slowest. DSL and cable offer high speed internet connections to people at a higher price. Wireless internet is fairly new and lets users use wireless networks to access the internet. But what is a wireless connection? Wireless connections connect mobile devises and laptops to the internet and therefore allow the internet to be portable.

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World Wide Web is a new world where we can share and explore our thoughts, knowledge and ideas. It is a connection to billions of people around the world. Internet is a path where we can find any information we desire to and meet people who we could have never done before the internet was invented. Internet is a fast growing network where billions of websites are posted for the people to see around the world. it has changed Bangladesh and made it recognized around the world. Anyone around the world now has the opportunity to find out about Bangladesh and its people with just a click.

Dial-up connection was the first method used in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Online(BOL), Proshika Net, BDCom, Agni System and Grameen Cybernet were the first ISP providers in Bangladesh. These companies used dial system for the internet users, each users had to choose an username and password which they used to log on the internet using a modem for connection. The problem with dial-up method is that even though it gets the job done, the method requires a phone line and the connection through LAN phone also increases the phone bill at the end of the month and more importantly it was slow and costly.

After broadband was introduced, the amount of internet users increased massively and the users were able to stay connected to the internet 24hours. The new generation of bangladeh were inspired by internet, new small ISP providers started their business and provided cheap internet to the people. the Installation Cost for a Broadband connection ranged from 3000tk ($44) to 20,000tk ($294) depending on the bandwidth and connection type.

The internet users of Bangladesh were then able to use internet to explore the world. Bangladesh is a poor country where people have limited knowledge and connection with the world outside. Chat room was the new era of socializing; the teenagers of Bangladesh were then able to stay connected to meet new people around the world. MSN, YAHOO, MIRC messengers were the first three highest used messengers in the Bangladesh. The messengers still used by almost the entire internet users. It was an instant messaging software which works like a messenger.

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Current News

below there is a link containing information on internet service in Bangladesh. the current development in the internet service is the link of Fiber Opics cable. After the line has been connected which is under the code name SEA-ME-WE4. The connection speed and cost of a broadband line has had massive development this year. the dial-up connection is becoming antique day by day. this has been a great achievement for bangladesh and the service of the internet connection was satisfying.
The Links in the first section contains website address of ISP providers which has offered many types of promotion to increase their sales. most of major ISP companies are now offering Broadband connections at cheaper price compared to the installation chage they used to ask before the submarine line was connected.

Click Here to view the official web page of ISP provider Association of bangladesh

Impact on Education

Sourov's Video, International School Dhaka

On this I have interviews about how people connect to the Internet in Bangladesh. This Video contains Interviews of normal Internet users and IT professionals opinion on how the internet connection has developed throughout the years.

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Internet hit the educational world like a miracle, it was a new way for the students to explore and share knowledge, the old method of searching information by looking through books and encyclopedia was finally considered to be backdated though it is still the best and the most reliable source of information. Internet is massive in size; the amount of knowledge that can be found is limitless, everyday it is growing with more and more information for the users to look at. It has become a new world and with new language, a world with destinations and addresses to travel to.

As the internet users increased for the purpose of education and research, new search engines were introduced to make life easier, like a yellow page with all the address of different websites. and were the top websites for the internet users to find the website they want, in 2000 started to conquer the world, it is currently the top rated search engine in the world of internet.

one other big advantage students got from the connection of internet is that they are free to connect with their friend from anywhere around the world. many advanced schools now have their websites which contains the current topic they are working on. bangladeshi school have not yet reached that stage yet as it takes more work and the internet is new to most people after the connection of fiber optics cable. word documents can be done at home and they mailed to school through E-mail which is one of the biggest advantage internet connection offers. the methods available for data transfer is simply amazing. a group project can be done with someone on the other side of the world, much like i am doing at the moment and it is a start of a new era in education. photos and files can be sent and received with in seconds and at the rate internet is growing, it seems like the connection of internet will be a compulsary need for every normal human being in earth.

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Impact on Employment

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After the invention of internet, the world has changed its way of doing business. 15 years ago, internet was first introduced in Bangladesh but very few people were its user. The main important key to business is communication. Phone and fax was the old method which was used by most business man for corresponding with their customers or buyers. An instant, secure and safe way to send and receive data is significant in the world of business.

Invention of internet has also created many opportunities for many people around the world. In Bangladesh it opened a new door for the computer farms, many of the university graduates was familiar with computer, the person with the skills to use one was considered to have special post in a company but all that changed in a generation. Computer was only seen in offices for purpose of typing and creating spreadsheets. After the internet was being put in use by offices, a new post for job application opened along with many other ISP providers. Dial up was the first method which internet users in Bangladesh and around the world used for connection.

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Being able to acces the internet and the World Wide Web has greatly impacted business and is continuing to revolutionize industry in our world. In agriculture alone we now have satelite guided tractors, computer controlled chicken houses, and our cars eventell us whats wrong with them. We are able colaborate with others form all over the world to do business ( this project). Today's buisness world is truly flat. I can send an email all the way to China and then be on a video conference in less than half an hour. We have increase effiniency in our business thanks tho the internet.

The WWW and the internet were the first steps in on-line connection, but since then we have made many more. Tools such as instant messaging, Skype, video conference, and other forms of virtual communication allow people to conduct meetings and other business transactions over the internet rather than face to face, eliminating lots of travel. Another tool that has greatly impacted business is wirelessexternal image logo1.jpg connectivity. This allows buisness to be done almost anywhere anytime. However this tool relies strongly on mobile and ubiquitous computing.moz-screenshot.jpgmoz-screenshot-1.jpgmoz-screenshot-2.jpg Connection to the internet has also done a great job of creating more jobs in ohter parts of the world. Due to outscourcing, the has been flattened greatly. Now when you call a customer support number you are probally talking to some one half way around the world.

Who would have ever thought that in the 21st century people would still be calling the world flat! Due to modern advancments in technology, business is today is conducted in a truly flat world.

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