This is an open page that students may contribute to as issues arise. Final approval rests with Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Lindsay.

  • This is a school site of both schools. Students are held accountable for the rules at their respective schools. Do not say/write/do anything within this wiki site that you would not say/write/do at school.
* Treat this site as a place for learning, a place to learn from each other and a place to have conversations.
  • Remember that you have a global audience. Everything you create can and will be viewed by others. Our schools have paired together because of our mutual standards of excellence and pursuit of "flat classroom" experiences and educations for our respective classrooms. Represent the best your country has to offer in your actions and understanding.
  • You may contact each other via the methods provided by your teachers but remember that all contacts even if they are at home are governed under school rules. If you have any questions or concerns as you work with your partner, contact your teacher immediately.
  • Every page on this site is monitored by your teachers. We are excited about the project and know that you will exceed our expectations!
  • Please report any technical difficulties concerning the wiki to your teacher immediately.