IMPORTANT - This wiki is now an archive of the ORIGINAL Flat Classroom Project November-December 2006.
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Vicki and Julie present at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta, Georgia, June 2007

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STOP PRESS: Flat Classroom Project is in Thomas Friedman's 3rd edition of The World is Flat! See pages 501-503!

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The Flat Classroom project is a genuine assessment project between Julie Lindsay'sgrade 11 ITGS class at International School Dhaka(ISD) in Bangladesh and Vicki Davis' 10th grade Computer Science class at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia.
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In this two-week project, students will be grouped with one student from each high school classroom to explain, explore, and discuss topics from the Thomas Friedman book The World is Flat. This page serves as the central hub for project management and topics concerning this project students should go to the Notify Me tab to subscribe to the RSS feed via their RSS reader. (Westwood uses Netvibes, ISD uses Bloglines and Protopage)

Notes from the Teachers

Julie Lindsay's Class Blog:
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Project Completion: Tuesday, December 12 2006

All projects and wikis will be complete and the wiki will be "locked" at midnight on Tuesday, December 12. Here is a list of current topics:
  1. Connecting the World Online
  2. How the World Wide Web has Changed the World
  3. How Work Flow Software can Enhance Productivity and Communications
  4. Combined with 8 due to absences.
  5. Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 tools for sharing information.
  6. Globalization and Outsourcing
  7. Google Takes Over the World
  8. (Combined with 4) The Changing Shape of Information - PLE's and Social Networking
  9. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  10. Virtual Communications
  11. Wireless Connectivity

About Us

International School Dhaka Class Photo

Most of us are in this photo. It is Health and Fitness week here so we are looking a little casual. It is also nearly our Christmas break so the Santa hat is motivating us to work towards our forthcoming holiday. To find out who is doing which topic go to the Flickr Page.

Westwood Schools Class Photo

Our class is in this photo. We are posing around the school Christmas tree. It is the end of semester and we're working long hours on this and other projects. You can see our photos on Flickr of our work on this project.

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